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    科迈控制器数显模块 公司名称 : 捷克科迈控制器

    ComAp, a dynamic global company with a solid reputation for delivering innovative solutions to the power generation electronics market, has decided to form a new subsidiary ComAp LLC. The main goal of ComAp LLC is to promote and support state-of-the-art control products made by ComAp in the USA and Canada.

    Libor Mertl, President of ComAp comments: "We feel there is a strong demand in the North American markets for highly sophisticated products. With our proven communication capabilities and our strength in paralleling applications we will be able to exceed the expectations of the market."

    As market leader with innovative gen-set communication solutions, ComAp recognize significant possibilities for cost reduction in the servicing sector as it is possible for system performance data, historical data, and engine operating parameters to be communicated via Modem, Internet or SMS. In addition to their controller range, ComAp specializes in providing a broader range of services for bi-fuel applications, complete solutions and gas engines controls.

    "With the formation of ComAp LLC we are excited to bring ComAp products to new markets in North America. The diverse product line ComAp offers will serve Oil and Gas, Marine, Industrial, Bi-Fuel and Power Generation markets with advanced controls and complete solutions. I look forward to many new opportunities for ComAp LLC."
    Ray Lecuyer, President of ComAp LLC.

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